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Fougner Engineered Solutions represent top-tier manufacturers providing custom engineering to the power, petrochemical, and food processing industries that deal with extreme pressures and high corrosion and wear:
Leaders in material handling for coal & ash. Reduce wasterwater generation & pollutant emissions.
Axial Air Preheaters for advanced heat recoveries.
Leading provider of boiler efficiency solutions for demanding applications with sootblowers.
Dampers, steel stacks, expansion joints, silencers/noise control equipment for the global market.
Water & wastwater treatment solutions - clarifiers, thickeners, digesters, biological processes
World leader in medium voltage drives (VFD) with predictive services to minimize downtime
Sealles canned motor pumps.
Custom, high quality engineered valves and strainers that can meet ANSI standards.
3D solid works designs linked to P&ID and Bill of Materials. Drone Services for point cloud.
Garlock packing gasketing
Inertech ring gasket on a roll. Teflon joint sealant, gasketing, and packing.
Specialty chemicals for wastewater, cooling towers, and boilers.
Moulded, reinforced FRP composites for corrosion resistant, high strength applications.
Glycol testing and closed loop corrosion inhibitors.
Over 40 manufacturers of centrifugal and positive displacement pumps.
Lead detection equipment and smoke generators and Accutrak Ultrasonic Leak Detectors.

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Mark Tanner
General Manager